The Curiosity Approach

Here at Little Pals Nursery we follow the Curiosity Approach. This is a modern-day approach based upon early childhood theorists, including Montessori, Reggio Emelia and Rudolph Steiner, with the aim of offering the very best early years experiences for the children in our care. ‘A stick is not just a stick – to a child it can be a wand, spade, potion mixer or bubble burster!’ We have rich environments full of open-ended resources, authentic items and loose parts. Children have the freedom to use their imaginations and extend their play in anyway they choose. We believe this approach lays the foundation of awe and wonder, creating thinkers and doers as children grow in confidence. Children embark on their curiosity filled learning journey with our team of experienced practitioners all of whom are dedicated advocates of young children and support them every step of the way.